Crosstimbers Wine Trail


About Crosstimbers Wine Trail


The Cross Timbers Region of Texas encompasses approximately 26,000 square miles in North and Central Texas. Early travelers through North Texas coined the name "Cross Timbers" by their repeated crossings of this timbered area, which besides being heavily grown with old oak trees, was thick with an almost impenetrable undergrowth of briars and other thorny bushes. Creek beds were lined with native Mustang grapes, many of which survive today. Made up of a mix of prairie, savanna, and woodland, it forms part of the boundary between the more heavily forested eastern part of the country and the almost treeless Great Plains, and also marks the western habitat limit of many mammals and insects. Following the trail of wineries from north to south, you will see the mix of landscape that defines this region, as well as have opportunity to experience the bounty of these wineries. So saddle your pony and come visit. We will show you our warm hospitality and delicious Texas wines. VIP Trailers: You automatically become a VIP Trailer when you complete your first trail event. When you complete your 5th trail event, you qualify to attend your next trail event on us. VIP Trailers also receive discounts at participating wineries when they show their trail card.