Colony Cellars
35955 Richard Frey Road
Waller,   77484
Hours: Thu-Sun 10am-6pm
Activities: Tastings, Tours
Facebook: Colony-Cellars
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About Colony Cellars

To support the vineyard, we built three ponds. With that much water, you need fish, so we stocked Koi. With fish and water, you need ducks. To protect the ducks from coyotes, you need brush so we built a Bamboo Jungle Maze. Jungles have birds, so we built an aviary. Just because they are smart and interesting, we got goats. To watch and supervise it all, we built an observation deck. Since we had the water distribution system and weren't busy anyway, we put in several acres of Christmas trees. Our unique winemaking process requires two climate controlled cellars, so we built them for our very special nouveau-style wine made from whole cluster fermentation. All this and a lovely tasting room and gift shop.

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