Rohan Meadery
6002 FM 2981
La Grange,   78945
Hours: Sat-Sun Noon-6pm
Activities: Tastings, Tours
Facebook: Rohan-Meadery

About Rohan Meadery

Before grapes were cultivated for wine, before barley was malted to make beer, there was honey. Mead, also known as honeywine, is thought to be the oldest fermented beverage. Every European country as well as Ethiopia had a style of mead. With the advent of grape and barley cultivation and the rising prices of honey, mead fell into obscurity in the late 17th century. That is....until now. Rohan Meadery is a small, family - run winery specializing in artisanal honeywines and dedicated to bringing back this ancient and revered beverage - with a Texas twist of course! Our products feature all natural Texas honey and each batch is unique. Our ingredients are locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Come discover the unique and amazing taste of this old world drink. Wassail!

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